Friday, 1 May 2009

Short Story

I ahve been asked to write a short story for the Ricardian Bulletin. (Some of you may have seen Sandra Worth's story in the last Bulletin - the request is for something similar, about 2500 words around one of Graham Turner's paintings.)

I have one or two ideas in mind already. It isn't a big piece and once I've settled on an idea it should only really take a few days work, and so not delay the novel writing much. The hard thing is deciding which painting to use. They are all so beautiful.


  1. Do you have a favourite amongst the paintings? I have a fondness for the Battle of Wakefield cos that is where I am from. I would love to buy a copy and put it up on my wall but I fear that my family would object. It would be a great conversation piece, though. Talking about the battle of Wakefield, I would be very interested to hear anybody's take on what kind of king Richard Duke of York would have made....hint....hint...

  2. I love 'em all... My favourite, if I'm honest, is one called 'Devotion'. We've a copy of that on our stairs. Plus a couple more in the house, Richard at Middleham and Reverie. Actually we have run out of wall, as we both like pictures, and several are lying around waiting to be framed!

    I think Richard Duke of York would have been a competent ruler, but his problem was he couldn't carry the majority of his nobles. I think he rubbed them up the wrong way. Whether this was down to his personality, or because he was too radical a reformer, is up for debate. I think his would have been a difficult reign. Bit like Richard III's or, at best, Henry IV's.