Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Short Story - Completed!

Yes, in an amazingly short time by my standards, I have finished it. I just need to sort of chew over it a bit and then send it off.

I'd better not say too much about it, except that I wrote it from the POV of someone Richard had taken out.


  1. To do it from a POV of someone Richard had taken out would be an interesting academic exercise. It would also be good for us Ricardians to read something from a different stance. Will it be published in the Summer Bulletin?

  2. I think it's for the Autumn one, as the deadline for summer has gone.

    Sandra Worth's piece in Spring was very pro-Richard so I thought I'd try something with another viewpoint. It may not please everyone, but there's nothing too nasty in there! More a questioning really.

    It's fun to play around with viewpoints and ideas. Anyway, back to the bigger challenge of The Book.

  3. Looking forward to it. Sigh--we in the US have to wait so long for the Bulletins.