Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sharon Penman's Blog

Sharon Penman's Blog is always worth a read. The latest entry just happens to mention my books among others. Cough, cough...


  1. Brian, I read her note about your work--huge congratulations. Makes me think you might be able to get a review from her.


  2. When I was first outlining my often mentioned, partially drafted, glacially updated Richard III play, I was using "Sunne in Splendour" as a primary source. Still am to some extent. I popped Sharon an email in 1997 informing her that I was doing so and kinda roundaboutishly inquiring to what extent copyright might be becoming involved. She was very gracious about the idea.

    By now, structure, characterization and tone have shifted so dramatically that you'd have a hard time saying that the play and Sharon's book have about as much in common as hmmmmm... well given that the play's other major source of inspiration is "Gottedammerung", how about "Gottedammerung" and "The Niebelungenlied"? (Now that I think about it, "Gottedammerung" might have improved by the inclusion of Attila the Hun.)