Friday, 29 November 2013

Frustrated Falcons

Frustrated Falcons is practically complete, and should be available very shortly. It will come out first in a fancy Blurb version, followed shortly by a cheaper Amazon version which will come in both softback and Kindle variants. Frankly, unless you really, really want a hardback, I should wait for the Amazon version. But the Blurb one will have pretty pictures on the cover. The Amazon one will probably be more 'penny plain'. I can't afford to commission an artist to do a super-duper cover as I don't expect it to sell that many copies.

If anyone gets mixed up between by projects, this one is a factual book about Edmund of Langley's three children, Edward, Constance and Richard. It makes use of some of the research material I put into Within the Fetterlock, although updated with some information I have found more recently.

Next to emerge should be Alianore Audley and the Holy Grail but there is still quite a bit of writing to be done yet. One problem is that I only have a very vague idea of how it will end. Plan? What plan?

Blurb version of Alianore Audley





Monday, 11 November 2013

Alianore Audley and latest news

A print version of The Adventures of Alianore Audley should shortly be available through Amazon. This is in addition to the Kindle version, and also to the Blurb version, which remains available for anyone who has won the lottery or owns an oil well.

I am reasonably close to finishing Frustrated Falcons which is my factual book about Edmund of Langley's three children. I have finished the bits about Constance and Richard of Conisbrough, and just have the fifteenth century section on Edward to do. It will be quite a short book (I do not have whatever it is that enables some authors to write long factual books about persons of whom we know little) and I hope to have it out in Kindle and print versions quite quickly. I may also do a de luxe Blurb version which (because it is a short book) should be relatively affordable.

Alianore II aka Alianore Audley and the Holy Grail is now a MS which exceeds 25,000 words. Some way to go yet, but the ideas are flowing much more freely. I am not quite sure - to be honest - whether it will work, as it is a weird book by any standards, moving more towards fantasy than HF. But you, dear reader, will be the eventual judge. I am plugging away at it - it really should be ready in 2014, and unless I get a better offer, it will go down the Amazon print/Kindle route.

And after that? Well, I don't want to raise too many hopes, but I have roughly four potential novels, which have bits already written. I shall likely select one and try to finish it. No promises though at this stage.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Open Fetterlock

The Open Fetterlock is available free on Kindle from today for five days.

This is a book of extracts from my uncompleted works. It does not contain a story as such.