Friday, 31 August 2018

August 31st marks the death in 1688 of John Bunyan, author of the very influential book, Pilgrim's Progress, which has been loved by Christians across the world since it was first published.

Interestingly, Bunyan wrote the book while he was in prison, to which he was sent for the terrible crime of preaching without a licence by the tyrannical, bigoted government of Oliver Cromwell.

Oh, sorry! Cromwell died in 1658 and Bunyan was not arrested until 1661. It was actually the tyrannical, bigoted government of King Charles II.

This demonstrates two things:

1. While we should strive not to be bigoted, the "right kind" of bigot often escapes criticism, not least in history.

2. (For writers). If it's possible to write a major book within the confines of  17th Century prison, it should be possible anywhere.