Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Within the Fetterlock - endorsement from Sharon K. Penman

Within the Fetterlock has just had this wonderful endorsement from Sharon K. Penman :

"I highly recommend this suspenseful, compelling novel about a fascinating woman, Constance of York, set in the turbulent reigns of Richard II and Henry IV. Readers of good historical fiction will be eagerly awaiting Brian Wainwright's next book; I know I am!"

Yes, that Sharon K. Penman! To say I am pleased is putting it mildly - pleased for Constance as well as for Tamara Mazzei at Trivium and myself. To say nothing of flattered.

The only thing is, I really need to get on with writing the next book...


  1. That's wonderful Brian! And well-deserved too! It must be a great inspiration for the writing to have someone like Sharon give you a good review.

    And shiny new blog too! *Claps hands*

  2. I've rarely been more pleased with anything than with the two e-mails I received from Sharon over the Easter weekend. She is one of the HF greats and to receive praise from her is very flattering!