Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Greyhounds and Fetterlocks

Welcome to my new Blog!

I have lately decided to abandon my website for the time being, as blogging is more straightforward, more fun, and above all, cheaper. As some of you know I have been blogging for a while over at The Yorkist Age (House of York history) and even more obscurely at 7mm Great Central (about railways). This will focus on my writing, and may from time to time include other literary issues and maybe even reviews of other people's books when they don't fit The Yorkist Age's time span.

And being the disorganised chap I am, there will be random posts about other issues, without a doubt.


  1. Hi Brian, I guess I qualify as a "fan". I just finished reading every one of the interviews referred to above. But, actually I have considered myself a fan for quite some time. I've read and thoroughly enjoyed both of your books; I subscribe to the YorkistAge through Google Reader; and like Sharon Kay Penman, I'm looking forward to your next book. I'm adding this blog to Google Reader and look forward to more postings. Like you, I would list my favorite authors as Elizabeth Chadwick, Sharon Kay Penman, and Bernard Cornwell.

  2. Thank you Linda. You're very welcome here.