Tuesday, 28 April 2009

This Time by Joan Szechtman

While you are waiting for 'my' version of Richard III (see my next post for details of progress) you may care to read This Time by Joan Szechtman. Joan is a new author, but also a very good one and has found a completely new angle on the story. You'll find further details on her site, but in essence Richard doesn't die at Bosworth - instead he's snatched away and finds himself in 21st Century America!

This may sound bizarre, but somehow it works. It's fascinating to read how Joan's Richard deals with the transition, and with all the complications that are thrown up. Obviously it's not straight historical fiction, but if you fancy a change from that genre this is a neat piece of crossover which I think most Ricardians - and other people interested in Richard - will enjoy. It's the start of a series and I know Joan has at least a couple more books in the pipeline.

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