Friday, 29 November 2013

Frustrated Falcons

Frustrated Falcons is practically complete, and should be available very shortly. It will come out first in a fancy Blurb version, followed shortly by a cheaper Amazon version which will come in both softback and Kindle variants. Frankly, unless you really, really want a hardback, I should wait for the Amazon version. But the Blurb one will have pretty pictures on the cover. The Amazon one will probably be more 'penny plain'. I can't afford to commission an artist to do a super-duper cover as I don't expect it to sell that many copies.

If anyone gets mixed up between by projects, this one is a factual book about Edmund of Langley's three children, Edward, Constance and Richard. It makes use of some of the research material I put into Within the Fetterlock, although updated with some information I have found more recently.

Next to emerge should be Alianore Audley and the Holy Grail but there is still quite a bit of writing to be done yet. One problem is that I only have a very vague idea of how it will end. Plan? What plan?

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