Monday, 17 May 2010

Injured Greyhound Lucy Lu Needs Your Help

I am sick, absolutely sick, of excuses for humanity who abuse greyhounds.

That was a hard sentence to write, because the temptation to add numerous expletives was overwhelming. But it wouldn't have done any good.

The greyhound in question, a beautiful two-year-old bitch was so badly beaten that she has had to have months of expensive veterinary care. And the good people who are looking after her have to go on Ebay to try to raise funds for the cost.

If you want to read more go into Ebay UK and search on Injured Greyhound Lucy Lu Needs Your Help or go to item

If you can bung a fiver into the pot, so much the better. But it shouldn't be necessary, it really shouldn't. The 'people' who caused this suffering should be made to pay, and in an ideal world they should also be chucked in jail for a very long time. Alas, even if they're caught it'll be the usual case of a ten bob fine and 'don't do it again'.

Civilised society? I think not.


  1. So, so very sad. Hearing about animal abuse makes me sick to my stomach. Do they not throw animal abusers into jail over in the UK? I know that over here in the States they have done that, usually for a year or two, depending on the case.

  2. Unfortunately Brian - racing greyhounds receive no protection under the Animal Welfare Act and owners and trainers if found to have caused unnecessary suffering and cruelty to their dogs are dealt with internally under the Rules of Racing.

    The industry is self regulated and as such don't have to comply with many other UK and EU laws.

    Trainers can administer cocaine to their greyhounds and will not be prosecuted for possession of a class A drug or be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act.

    They will however, be afforded the freedom to continue to train greyhounds - ensuring profits for the bookmakers and of course tax revenue for the government..........

  3. Nadine Chewy and Lilibell - I'm afraid the UK legal system tends to go lightly on animal abusers; the majority never even face the courts due to 'lack of proof' or whatever.

    Greyt - I agree the law needs tightening. The sport is clearly unfit to regulate itself, and there is too much scope for abuse.

  4. Well, in the states we've been coming down pretty hard on dog fighting, as long the offender is a sports star, but on the other hand we have dog fighting in the states, so I can't really say that we can claim to be much more civilized.