Monday, 3 August 2009

Another Short Story

I have it in mind to write a short story around Constance of York, the heroine of Within the Fetterlock. There's a practical reason for this, at least potentially, I'm not just doing it on a whim, or for fun. However, at the moment I haven't a scooby what to write about, although it could be about any aspect of her life not covered in the novel. (I don't want to rake over old ground).

Any suggestions gratefully received. No prize for the winner though, I'm afraid, though if it's a really inspiring idea I haven't thought about I will credit you when and if the thing is published.

Alianore Audley may also get her own short story in due course.


  1. How about her early days with Thomas, before your novel opens? Or her experiences during the Peasants' Revolt?

  2. Yes the early days with Thomas is a potential runner. I wrote a fair bit on that before I realised the book was going to be 1500 pages! Unfortunately I suspect 'tis all shredded.

    The peasants revolt is an interesting one as I don't know where she was. Mummy, daddy and brother Edward had just got on the boat to Portugal when the stuff hit the fan. Connie was possibly 'home alone'.